Thursday, July 23, 2009

Frugal Tip Thursday: Be Frugal When You Buy Liquor

This frugal girl loves her wine (and beer for that matter). Every week or so, my husband and I buy one or two bottles of wine (depending how good or bad our week is going) and a six-pack of beer. Granted, we don't buy the most expensive wine. It's usually an $8 bottle of wine (we're big fans of Little Penguin or Yellow Tail). For beer, we usually get Corona, or the poor and cheap man's Corona -- Bud Lite with Lime. Yum!

Always looking for the best buy, I mentioned to my husband that perhaps we should start buying our wine and beer by the case. Let's compare if buy Little Penguin Pinot Noir wine ($7/bottle) and Corona beer ($7/six-pack) by the bottle versus by the case:

Cost for a Case
Wine (12 bottles) = $71
Beer (24 bottles) = $32
Total = $103

So let's see, a case of each would last us at least 3 months. If we were to keep buying wine and beer by the bottle and six-pack, it would cost:

Cost per Bottle & Six-pack
Wine: 1 bottle per week for 3 months = 12 bottles x $7 = $84
Beer: 1 six-pack per week for 3 months = 12 six-packs x $7 = $84
Total = $168

Basically, every three months we would save $65 or $260 a year! If that's not reason enough to stockpile wine and beer, I don't know what is.

Now granted, I know there are other frugal sites or blogs that would say I should abstain from drinking, cut back, etc. I'm sorry, but I'm about living life and enjoying the best of it...all while not breaking the bank. I enjoy an occasional massage, nice dinner out, etc. I don't agree in having to sacrifice everything to save a few dollars. You have to thoroughly enjoy the things you spend your money on. It's about saving on the stupid stuff that you have to spend your money on (i.e., insurance, toilet paper, etc.)

Okay, I'll step off my soapbox you agree or disagree with my rant?

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