Saturday, June 27, 2009

Product Review: Cup Kozy

I thoroughly enjoyed The Greenest Dollar's latest product review, and I think you will too:

Here’s my situation: I’m usually pretty good at remembering to take along my Sigg thermos when I want a latte from my local coffee shop.

But sometimes I leave in a rush and forget it, or I’m out running errands and don’t have it on me.

The back-up solution? My Cup Kozy.

The Cup Kozy is a reusable felt coffee sleeve that you can use instead of those cardboard ones that the coffee shops offer. They dress up your cup, and keep your hands from getting toasty.

Why I Love My Cup Kozy

Cup Kozy has added features that really make this little product convienent.

And if you think something as small as a reusable coffee sleeve can’t have features, well hang onto your hats.

  • Cool Feature #1: It Rolls Up For Small Storage- Cup Kozies roll up into a tiny tube which will fit easily into a pocket or purse. And because they thought to include a little stretchy band, it stays rolled up. My messy purse thanks you, Cup Kozy…
My rolled up Cup Kozy...

My rolled up Cup Kozy...

  • Cool Feature #2: It Hangs On Your Keychain- Whoever thought of this little feature is a genius. As small as the Cup Kozy is, it seems as if it’d be easy to leave it at home with your thermos, right? Especially for guys, who don’t have a purse to stash it in. Well, Cup Kozy solved the problem by putting a little clasp on the sleeve so you can attach it to your keychain.

Marvel at the simple genius...

Marvel at the simple genius...

Last Word…

I love this little product. It’s a great way for me to consume less when I happen to forget my thermos, and because it’s so small I never even notice that I have it on me.

Cup Kozies are made from felt, and I’ve never gotten my fingers burned from my local brewery’s insanely hot coffee. My Cup Kozy does a great job insulating me from the heat.

Right now, Cup Kozy is offering free shipping on all their products. So if you want one, go check them out! It’s a great little green product that I never leave home without anymore.

Have a Cup Kozy? Anything you'd like to add?

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