Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy Frugal Birthday

For the Love of Lemonade
So yesterday was my birthday (hence the missing post). I had a great birthday weekend, which included a lovely lunch with my husband and kids at an eatery with outside dining. Considering the gorgeous, sunny and 75-degree weather, we just couldn't resist. We had just finished some yard work and all of us were really thirsty. Mistake #1. Instead of getting water like we normally do, we all thought how refreshing it would be to have a nice, ice-cold lemonade. Yum!

The icy lemonades arrive (and they look just like this picture) and all four of us suck them down. They tasted incredible, exactly what we had in mind. Our food comes out and we order four more lemonades because they're refreshing and delicious, the perfect accompaniment to our relaxing meal. Mistake #2.

The bill comes and I see my husband's jaw drop. "Wow, that was a bit pricey. It was $60 for the four of us." I asked how that could be when our meals were each $12 and the kids split a personal pizza that was approx. $10. Ah, our newfound passion for lemonade turned out to be a pricey splurge. They were $2.25 a pop.

$2.25 X 8 = $18

A third of our bill was spent in drinks...and non-alcoholic drinks at that! Lesson learned: Always check the cost of beverages and if there are free refills. Also, if you're super-thirsty, fill up on liquids at home. It may serve as a appetite suppressant as well.

Happy Birthday to me anyway!! ;-)

Any similar dining tales you'd like to share?

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