Friday, April 17, 2009

Website Review:

Have a desk job and wondering how to fit in time for exercise? Look no further than Break Pal!

I recently had the pleasure of testing this exciting new service. Think of it as "deskercise." In a nutshell, you download a simple widget to your computer, and every 30 minutes (or whatever amount of time you decide works best for you), you're prompted to do 2-5 minutes of exercise. The exercises are easy, and no, you won't look silly as your co-workers walk by.

Since the creators of Break Pal are martial arts and fitness instructors, many of the
desk exercises are martial arts-based. You'll notice jabs, blocks and punches -- get out your aggression and get in shape! Who could ask for more?

Plus, when you visit, you'll have access to a social network of other Break Pal users who are also trying to get or stay in shape. You can compare notes or even compete to see who can accumulate more points! The site also has a blog, FAQs and testimonials. There's even an option for companies to roll out Break Pal as a wellness program to their employees. What a great idea!

As a former fitness instructor and current desk worker, I thoroughly enjoyed Break Pal and think it's a truly innovative idea. One caveat: if you use Break Pal at work, you may want to check with your IT team to make sure it's okay to download the widget.

Enter to Win Your Own Break Pal

Want to try Break Pal? Three lucky winners will be randomly selected to receive a free membership, courtesy of Break Pal. Hurry, this contest runs for just one week. See below for all of the details

For more information, visit

Contest Details

Contest begins Friday, April 17 at 8:00am and ENDS on Saturday, April 25 at 8:00am.

The winners will be posted in a separate post within one week of the contest's end.

Winner will be notified either by blog or e-mail and will have 4 days (96 hours) to claim their prize. Time begins when I post the winner.

If the prize is not claimed within this timeframe, a new winner will be chosen. NO exceptions.

Entries will be entered into and chosen by

How to increase your number of entries:

1) Visit the
BreakPal website, come back to this post and tell me what you liked or disliked about the site. (This step is mandatory for the other entries to count.)

=5 entries

2)Follow my blog.
=10 entries

3) Join my mailing list.
= 10 entries

4)Twitter about this giveaway.(Please provide a link or your Twitter id.)
=10 entries

5)Add this contest to your Facebook status
=10 entries

6)List and add up all of your entries in one comment.
=15 entries

For example...
I really like the images on BreakPal =5
I already follow your blog =10

I signed up for your newsletter = 10
I twittered about this giveaway =10
I added this giveaway to my Facebook =10
I have tallied the entries =15
Grand total = 60 entries

Let the contest begin...

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