Thursday, April 23, 2009

Go Green: The ABC's of Reducing Garbage

I have two young children and my oldest is in kindergarten. He came home with a worksheet entitled "The ABC's of Making Less Garbage." I think it's great that kids are learning about being more environmentally aware at such a young age.

The ABS's of Making Less Garbage

Aluminum cans are 100% recyclable and can be reused over and over again.

Bring your lunch to school in reusable containers.

Compost leaves, grass, and fruit and vegetable remains. This compost will become a rich, healthy soil that is very good for plants and gardens.

Donate old clothes and toys to charity instead of throwing them away.

Every town in Bergen County has a recycling program and a Municipal Recycling Coordinator who is in charge of that program.

Fix broken toys and furniture instead of buying new.

Garbage is everyone's responsibility!

Help your family and school recycle.

Identify materials that can be recycled in your town and recycle them.

Junk mail can be recycled with magazines and may become napkins, paper towels or greeting cards.

Kick the throw-away habit...Recycle!

Look for the recycling symbol on that products that you buy.

Make less garbage by recycling.

Never throw something in the garbage that can be recycled.

Oil from your car should always be recycled.

Pens and Pencils can be made from recycled paper.

Question...How much garbage does the average person throw away each day?

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle are three words that begin with R that will help you make less garbage.

Steel cans are easily separated from other recyclables by magnets.

Tires from you car can be recycled into pens.

Use paper grocery bags for book covers.

Valuable natural resources can be saved by recycling.

Worms help turn garbage into compost.

eXert eXtra effort when it comes to recycling and making less trash!

Yo-Yo's are sometimes made from recycled plastic.

Zero garbage is our goal!

How do you (or your local school) teach your child(ren) about recycling?

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