Thursday, March 19, 2009

Green and Frugal -- Getting the Family On Board

As I keep trying to implement new ways to be green and/or save money, I'm beginning to realize that I'm getting some resistance from the family. I don't think it's conscious behavior, especially when it comes to the kids. Now the husband is another subject all together.

My husband is very supportive of whatever I do...except when it messes with this day-to-day routine. Case in point, the Paper Towel Challenge. He likes using paper towels and lots of them. "They're biodegradable. Why do I have to stop using them?" I tried to explain how the land fills get our paper towels and every other household's. "Isn't washing rags just creating more waste water?" That sends me straight to the computer to Google whatever I can find to see if this statement is, in fact, true. Hmm, maybe he had a point?

He doesn't mind recycling or working through the exercises from Your Money or Your Life. But how can I get him on board for becoming more green? Has anyone tried including biodegradable paper products in their composting heap? I'd love to get a consensus of how many other green gals (or guys) have to contend with a spouse that may not be as on board as you.

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