Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Frugal Tip Tuesday: Tennis Balls Don't Help Static Cling

I tried a little frugal experiment yesterday. I was reading about these static cling balls that can be used (and reused) to replace fabric softener sheets. Sounds great, right? It's inexpensive, convenient and, best of all, green. Then I read an article that says a brand new tennis ball will also do the trick. I'm intrigued and decide to test this tennis ball theory.

After trying to explain to my husband why there's a tennis ball banging around in the dryer, I get out the first load of clothes. I'm fairly impressed. The clothes seemed less wrinkled than usual. But the next load of laundry contained the ultimate test -- knee-high pantyhose. Any woman knows that knee-highs are a static nightmare. It's also the main reason that I use fabric softener -- so my husband doesn't have a knee-high stuck to the back of his dress shirt while teaching high school history.

Back to the test.

I throw the tennis ball into the load and check back in 40 minutes to find...more static cling than ever! Ugh, the crinkling sound of clothes sticking together just makes me cringe. Then the static cling migrates to my hair. As I'm folding the clothes, I realize that I'm down one knee-high -- a fishnet one, no less. Hopefully one of my hubby's students won't find it.

Needless to say, stick to the fabric softener balls or sheets. Save the tennis balls for tennis.

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