Sunday, March 8, 2009

Go Green, Save Money: Get a Free Shopping Tote

I'm working on converting from plastic bags to bringing my own reusable tote bags to the grocery store. I keep seeing the tote bags that the food stores are selling. If we're trying to reduce consumption, why are they selling them? Shouldn't they give you the option of trading in say 40-50 plastic bags to get a free tote? At least that would motivate me to switch over. Or, why don't grocery stores do what Sam's, Costco and BJ's do and not even provide bags? You either use a box, bring your own bag or use nothing at all.

In my online travels, I discovered that Delallo's, a Pennsylvania-based food store, has a better idea. How about a free tote bag? It's not just free, it's actually a cute bag. Just register on their site to get it for free right now.

Once I receive my bag, I'll let you know how shopping with it goes. I realize that this should be an easy switch, but I think when you're so ingrained in a habit, it's difficult to make the change. I'm learning that with this Paper Towel Challenge. Here's some foreshadowing. It's not going too well. More to come...

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