Monday, December 26, 2011

Frugal Trip to CVS

After five trips to CVS to try and use three $7 Centrum Probiotics coupon and a $5 CVS coupon, I finally reached success...with some different coupons. LOL! Every CVS location I went to looking for the on-sale Centrum products were either out of stock or not on sale (they were supposed to be $9.99, but one location rung them up for $23 -- yikes!) But I wouldn't give up, I moved on to some other items -- thanks to my friends at

Last week, I was able to get the following:

$9.00 --Triaminic Kids Cough & Cold Strips -- 2 for $12 -- coupon for $3 off 2 Triaminic products
$4.79 -- Excedrin Extra Strength -- coupon for $2 off
$4.79 -- Excedrin Extra Strength -- coupon for $2 off
$4.79 -- Excedrin Back & Body
$6.39 -- Excedrin Tension Headache

Total = $25.76 out of pocket

Received $13 Extra Bucks ($3 for buying 2 Triaminic products; $10 for buying $20 of Excedrin products)

Real cost = $12.76

So my husband tells me that I'm "a marketer's dream" and why on earth do we need four Excedrins? Which got me to thinking -- is this really worth it? But then I thought about it. Why buy items when you're desperate and have to pay full price with no discount or coupon, when you could stock up on something you use and will eventually need at the best price possible? I have $13 to use at CVS on anything I might need. We have two children, so we have plenty of headaches and other aches and pains. ;)

To each his own, but I find saving money fun, like a puzzle. Do you have to explain your couponing to family members? Do you enjoy finding every last bit of savings, or do you view it as more of a chore? I'd love to hear your coupon/money-saving stories.

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