Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Green and Frugal: Low-cost Photo Christmas Cards

I love sending and receiving holiday cards. Since most everything is done online, it can be hard to send a thoughtful, personal card. Sending a photo card of the kids and/or the entire family is a great way to send a thoughtful, custom holiday card.

Last year I shelled out over $100 on cards, envelopes and shipping for approximately 100 cards ($1 a card -- eek!!). Not exactly frugal. This year, after complimenting a friend on her card, she mentioned that she used Costco. Costco?! I didn't even know they handled photos, let alone Christmas cards. Best of all, they do it completely online, just like the "other guys" (i.e., Kodak Gallery, Snapfish, Tiny Prints, etc.) I shouldn't say that's the best part...the best part is the price, which was ridiculously cheap!! My 75 cards cost a mere $22 (or $.30 a card)!!! Granted I had to pick up the cards at Costco, but I still think it was well worth it.

With this great frugal discovery, I also realized that Costco does photo calendars! The ones I do each year for my family and both sets of grandparents for no less than $19.99 per calendar. Costco, which again offers the same online service and features of the other guys, charged a mere $9.99 per calendar. I can just see the frugal Gods smiling down on my savings and this incredible discovery! LOL!

Think you can beat that? I would LOVE to hear about your frugal Christmas card ideas. :)

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