Monday, December 5, 2011

Website Review:

Have I got a new site for you! It's A little background on how I stumbled across this frugal find...

During this past Thanksgiving, I was picking my future sister-in-law's brain. Leslie, who I've fondly dubbed "the coupon whore" (a huge compliment). She is a borderline extreme couponer (I keep trying to get her to sign up to go on the show, Extreme Couponing). With a ridiculous stockpile (my brother claims he can shave for five years without ever having to buy a razor), she regularly spends only $30-$50 on her "big" food shopping trips. The same ones that usually cost me $150-$200, and I use coupons and try to buy all products on sale. Needless to say, I felt I had much to learn. I asked Leslie how she finds her deals, and she directed me to (LRWC).

I recommend signing up for the site's email, which brings all of the daily deals right to your in-box.

Also be sure to check out the beginner's area to get acclimated with acronyms, how to organize your coupons, where to find coupons and how to save the most money.

One of the reasons that I really like this site is because Cindy (the site's owner) is from NJ. Many of the Extreme Coupon episodes are set in the Midwest, using grocery stores that we don't have in the Northeast.

Plus, the site is easy to follow, breaks the deals down by week, by store and enables you to create a list that you can print or email.

I was so excited that I planned my first outing to CVS today to take advantage of some deals. Here's what I was able to get:


2 Pantene Shampoos @ $3.49 each
1 Tide Laundry Detergent @ $5.94

1 Oral B SpinBrushes @ $4.99 
1 Olay Regenerist Facial Cleanser @ $20.99
1 Dawn Dish Detergent @ $.99

Coupons used

1 $5.00/$20.00 Purchase at CVS (newspaper)
1 $3.00/2 Pantene Products from the 11/27 PG
1 $3.00/1 Oral B SpinBrush from 11/27 PG
1 $3.00/1 Olay Regenerist Cleanser or Moisturizer
1 $1.50/Tide Detergent or Downy Softener

Subtotal: $24.18
Tax: $2.44
Total OOP: $26.62
Received $10.00 Gift card

In my mind essentially, I spent $16.62 since I received a gift card (I chose Barnes & Noble), which I'll use as a teacher gift. While I wish I had less out of pocket, I was pretty pleased with my first outing using LRWC. Plus, my receipt says I saved $31.06, which means my total would have been $57.68 without the coupons (I still would have received the $10 gift card.)

Let me know what you think of the site or if there are other sites you enjoy for learning the ropes of extreme couponing.

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