Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Belated New Year -- Green and Frugal Resolutions

Do you create New Year's Resolutions? I love creating them! A new year is like a clean slate. It lets you reflect on what you want to accomplish and start anew. *Sigh* What a glorious time of year to really think about goals. I took a break last year from creating resolutions and I really felt like something was missing.

Anyway, this year I'm back to my list of resolutions -- goals I want to focus on achieving before Dec., 31, 2012. Here's my list:

2012 New Years Resolutions
  • Run a 5k in 25:30; a half marathon in under 2 hours; 18 miles in under 2:45
  • Limit TV watching at night (less than 2 hours); spend at least 30 min. of quality time with kids each week night; yell at them less ;)
  • Write & self-publish a book; dedicate more time (at least 1 hour each day) to my blogs (,, and
  • Create a decent, usable price book; save $5,000 in coupons/sales
  • Go to church at least 2x/month

One goal that I'll be tracking on this blog is: Create a usable price book and save $5,000 through coupons and sales.

I've tried creating price books in the past without much luck. For starters, they take a lot of time and effort. But I know I could see significant savings in my grocery shopping by having one as a reference.

Finding $5,000 in savings from coupons and sales may be a stretch, but I think it's doable. It will be approx. $417 per month. We're refinancing our home in the next few weeks, which should save us $350+ per month, so I'm well on my way!!

I'd love to hear your resolutions. Do you set goals each year? What are your 2012 green and frugal resolutions?

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