Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sick of the Snow Yet?

If you live anywhere near the East Coast, you've probably had your fill of snow this week. And supposedly there's more to come next week -- NOOOOOO!!!

It's funny how you don't think about what a snow day costs you (aside from the aggravation of your children fighting all day while you're trying to work from home and your husband is trying to dig out).

Here are some costs you may not have thought about:
  • Sick or personal day if your job doesn't enable you to work from home
  • Gas (if you're plowing your own driveway)
  • Cost to pay a plow service
  • Ice melt
  • Snow shovel
Regardless of what it costs you, the pictures are usually priceless...

Doesn't look like we'll be gardening any time soon.

The kids couldn't get enough of the their mouths.

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