Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Frugal Tip Tuesday -- Hit Those Sales

As a Green and Frugal Momma, I try to limit clothes shopping for myself (it's such a weakness of mine). However, over the past few days, I've hit some amazing sales where I was able to get discounted, high-end clothes for a fraction of what they normally cost. Plus, I got a bag full of clothes for my kids at Children's Place for free!! (Okay, almost free...but I consider gift card shopping 'free').

Tues., Jan. 26 -- Children's Place
I head to Children's Place to use a $25 gift card that my daughter received as a birthday gift. My son desperately needs jeans (nearly every pair have a hole in one knee and they're short (aka floods), so I also check out what's available in his size. The prices are considerably marked down. Boys jeans on the sale rack are $7.99 (a bargain from the original $19.50 price). However, when I get to the register, every single item rings up for $3.99. So I run around the store like a crazy lady grabbing more clothes.

Final spend: $24.62
What I bought: 2 shirts and one pair of jeans for my daughter and four pairs of pants (cargo pants and jeans) for my son.

Wed., Jan. 27 -- Talbot's
Next stop is Talbot's. They feature lots of 50% signs, so I head right back to the sale racks. The 50% discount is for the lowest marked price. Score!

Final spend: $80
What I bought: lime green sweater twin set, two ruffled button-down cardigans, sequined burgundy shell/tank top (most of these items are normally $40-$80 a piece)

Thurs., Jan. 28 -- Ann Taylor
I had plans to meet a girlfriend for dinner at a restaurant in the Shops at Riverside, one of the more high-end malls. It includes Tiffany's, Louis Vitton, Coach, Burberry, etc. I head straight for one of my favorite stores -- Ann Taylor. Once again, I make a beeline for the sale racks. And once again, I score paydirt.

Final spend: $60
What I bought: black trouser pants, gun-metal gray sweater with funky ruffles down the front and a fuschia shell with cap sleeves. The pants were $19 (normally $80), the sweater was $29.99 and the shell was $9.88 (normally $65).

If you haven't figured out this week's tip, it's this: this time of year the stores are turning over their winter merchandise in preparation for the spring collections. Head for the sales racks and work those deals!!

Any recent sales where you scored a major deal? We want to hear about it!!

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