Thursday, February 25, 2010

Frugal Tip Thursday: Buy Coupons on Ebay

Have you ever shopped Ebay for coupons? Yes, I was shocked too when my husband told me about it. We're in the middle of completing some home renovations. Many of the supplies are coming from -- you guessed it -- Lowes.

Here's the deal my husband was able to score:

10 coupons for $10.50 for 10% off Lowes (savings of up to $500 through June 2010) (shipping was a first-class stamp)

We just purchased $4,000 in new flooring and a $350 ventless heater. Just those two purchases alone saved us $435, well worth the cost of the coupons.

When making large purchases, be sure to shop Ebay for coupons.

Have you used Ebay to find coupons? Do you have another way of scoring coupons?

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  1. i have used ebay to buy a 10% of coupon to pottery barn that i used when buying my bedframe. paid less than $20 for the coupon and saved $65 on the piece of furniture

  2. Nice!! That's when you really rack up the savings -- on those large purchases.