Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Website Review:

One area that I continue to struggle with when it comes to cutting costs is grocery shopping and meal planning. Clearly the two go hand-in-hand. It probably doesn't help that I don't do much (if any) of the cooking in our household. I swore that if I had to be a cooking wife, I'd never get married. My husband is a fabulous cook. I try to do my part on the weekends by whipping up a crockpot meal or baking some cookies.

I opened my e-mail this week and was delighted to find an e-mail from Relish!, a site that not only plans weekly menus for you and your family, it also generates food shopping lists. Does it get any better? Of course it does. is also a mom-run website. Giddyup!

How It Works
Pick your meals and a shopping list is generated for you. It's that simple.

Plus, there are great feature articles, party/theme menus and loads of creative but realistic recipes. You can also add your own meals and recipes to the mix.

All I have to say is YUM! The recipes look fabulous, are easy to put together and fairly quick to make. Plus, there are kid-friendly options, vegetarian alternatives and low-calorie meals.

Shopping Lists
Once you pick your meals, the site generates a shopping list. The best part is that the shopping list is put together according to most grocery store layouts. There's even a column with items that are commonly found in most kitchens (spices, condiments, etc.)

The system is great! They even offer an option to add your own recipes and meals. There are many nights when the last thing my husband and I feel like doing is testing a new recipe. Now we can get shopping lists for our own recipes.

Have you used Relish!? Let me know what you think.

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