Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Frugal Tip Tuesday -- Seal Those Windows & Doors

After a leisurely trip to Home Depot, we ended up coming home with plastic window sealers and an item to prevent door drafts. The window kit includes double-sided tape and sheets of plastic (does it get any easier?)

You put the tape along the outside of the window, let it set for 15 minutes, cut the plastic to fit the window and then use a blow dryer to make the plastic taunt and prevent drafts.

I had my doubts, but it works like a dream! Our windows are really drafty and they're fairly new (installed in 2002). The plastic has eliminated the drafts! I'm excited to see how this change impacts our heating bill.

The best part (besides how easy it is to install) is the kit was $9.95 for 9 sheets. We have small slider windows, so it was enough to do our bedrooms and bathrooms.

Have you used this kit and what has your experience been?

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