Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wacky Wednesday: The Cable Company Will Not Cooperate

Whew, I've been quite the slacker lately. What else is new? I just haven't been in the mood to write.

Recently, I was reading about how to negotiate your fixed bills so you can pay less and save some money. Sounds simple, right? I mean just a few months ago I saved $643 with one phone call to my insurance company. I do a little Googling and find a suitable script. Call the cable company, tell them you can't afford to pay their monthly bill and that you want to cancel your subscription. They won't want to lose you as a customer and will gladly haggle so you pay less and they keep you as a customer.

I psyche myself up and I'm ready to save some money...or so I thought.

I call and casually say "I can't afford to pay $136 a month and Fios is offering $99 per month with more channels." I'm just patiently waiting for Cablevision to beg me to stay because I'm such a great customers. You know what they say? "We're sorry to lose you as a customer. Let me transfer you to the Disconnect Dept."

What?! I don't want to cancel my cable! My husband will kill me! Before I can be transferred, I quickly hang up. What the heck? It pains me to pay so much for cable, internet and phone, but what's a girl to do? While I have looked into switching to Fios, the $99 per month is an introductory rate. So once that period is over, the cost jumps up to $130 a month, if not more.

Argh, back to the drawing board. Have you had any success with reducing your fixed monthly bills? I'd love to hear about it.

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