Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Frugal Tip Tuesday -- Create a Weekly Spending Budget

How often do you get spending money out of the ATM each week? I try to limit myself to once a week (unless something unexpected comes up, like one of the kids has a class trip and I need to use cash). Usually I'll take $40 out and try to get that to last the whole week (Sunday through Saturday). I use this cash mainly for breakfast and lunch. However, if I make or bring breakfast and lunch to work each day, I can basically 'save' that spending money towards something else.

That's my incentive, saving that money that I've budgeted each week for something bigger, like a massage or some new clothes. When I know I'm saving towards something that's a treat, it makes bringing in my own food each day (which can be really inconvenient) less painful.

So that's this week's tip -- save towards something more meaningful and it'll be less painful to save!

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