Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Some Interesting Green and Frugal Statistics

Hopefully you had a relaxing holiday weekend. I was able to catch up on my reading over the past few days. I happened upon the latest Reader's Digest, which featured an article on where our garbage goes. I think you'll find these statistics interesting and shocking. It demonstrates how we can each take small steps to make a big difference when it comes to saving our environment.
  • The average American tosses 4.6 lbs. of garbage every day.

  • Where does the trash go? 54% to the landfill, 33.4% gets recycled and 12.6% gets incinerated

  • 80% of our trash is recyclable but we only recycle 33%

  • The U.S. ranks third for tossing out the most garbage (Ireland takes first place and Norway was second)

  • Per acre, it costs $304,479 to build a landfill

  • The United Nations estimates that every square kilometer of ocean has 13,000 pieces of plastic floating in it
Have any other interesting statistics that you'd like to share?

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