Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Frugal Tip Tuesday -- Use Coupons...Any Way Possible

My husband and I just recently finished having a stone patio installed, which happened to be completed a few days before our wedding anniversary. We thought a fitting anniversary gift would be to get a new accessory for our patio -- an outdoor fireplace. The search has begun -- Home Depot, Lowe's, you name it, we've shopped it. In our travels, we found a gorgeous faux stone fireplace at Lowe's for a pretty steep price -- $429. But if we could find a 10% coupon, that would be $40+ in savings. Not too shabby.

I told my husband to Google "Lowes coupon" to see what he could find. (That's how I usually locate a discount when I'm shopping online or before I hit a store.) He found that people were auctioning lots of coupons for Lowes as well as other stores on Ebay. Now I know Ebay has coupons (I've sold baby formula coupons for brands that I didn't use.) What I didn't realize was that you could get a lot of 5-10 Lowes 10% off coupons for $.99 with free shipping!!! Considering how much one of these coupons would save us since we're in the market for a big-ticket item, this is a great deal!

Not only is this a great way to save money, now I'm thinking that this is a great item to sell on Ebay! The beauty of auctioning paper coupons on Ebay is that your shipping is minimal and there's no risk of damaging the item during shipping.

Has anyone bought coupons online? What has your experience been? Were you able to get a considerable savings?

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