Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Garden Update: Hubby is Going Green and Frugal

It was another weekend of yard work, gardening and spreading mulch. There never seems to be a shortage of chores when you have over an acre of land. The garden has quickly become a labor of love.

My husband put lots of potting soil in the garden. As an aside, he is an avid Craigslist shopper. He scored 40 pounds of bagged potting soil for $20. That's 50 cents a bag for what normally costs $2-3 per bag.

As he finished breaking open the bags, he walked over to me, where I was spreading mulch. I had been laying down newspaper to keep the weeds under the mulch at bay. We also put down a large, black plastic weed barrier. So my husband asks, "If we have a sheet of plastic down, why couldn't you use the potting soil bags that are also plastic? Isn't that green and frugal?" Yes!! Here all this time I thought he wasn't paying attention to anything I was doing. No, he totally got it!! So not only did we get a great bargain on the potting soil that we used in our garden, we also recycled the bags, keeping them out of the landfill, by using them to prevent weeds. It's a win-win-win!!

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