Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Enter to Win a $75 Target Gift Card From GiftCardGranny.com

What is GiftCardGranny.com? It's a great site where you can buy, sell or exchange gift cards. I love this concept! How many times have you received a gift cards to a retailer or establishment that you either don't frequent or you don't have one located near you? Instead of feeling guilty about letting a gift card go to waste, visit GiftCardGranny.com.

Think of GiftCardGranny.com as the "Google of Gift Cards."  There are so many different gift card brokers on the internet that it's mind boggling and impossible to find your way around without a tool. That’s where Gift Card Granny comes in -- a discount gift card shopping search engine.

Gift Card Granny saves you both time and money. The site directs you to the most reliable places with the very best deals - which saves you time. Plus you can contrast and compare the different deals by a number of criteria - so you save money.

Best of all, our friends at GiftCardGranny.com are helping us to give away a $75 gift card to Target.

Enter to Win Now
Here's what you need to do to enter:

1. Create a gift card alert at http://www.giftcardgranny.com/alerts/
2. Follow GiftCardGranny on Twitter and send a tweet tagged @GiftCardGranny and @yoursite
3. Google +1 your favorite brand page on GiftCardGranny.com

Once you've completed these three tasks, leave a comment for me letting me know which requirements you've fulfilled, with links included where applicable. 

Hurry -- this contest runs now through Oct. 15!

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  1. 1. I created a gift card alert for ulta and starbucks :)
    2. I follow them on twitter @deegee13 and tweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/DeeGee13/status/111983672747499520

    3. I favorited their sephora page using google +1 :) http://www.giftcardgranny.com/store/sephora-gift-cards/

    Thanks for the chance!

    deeg131 at gmail dot com

  2. 1. Create a gift card alert for Williams Sonoma my favorite!
    2. I followed @GiftCardGranny and tweeted https://twitter.com/#!/SweepsMama/status/112358279388217344 and liked on FB
    3. I +1ed Williams Sonoma on on GiftCardGranny.com too! I used the site to buy a gift card too! sethandshannon1 at yahoo dot com

  3. I created an alert for Home Depot

    I tweeted https://twitter.com/#!/simplydab/status/118028374227693569

    I +1'd the Home Depot page http://www.giftcardgranny.com/store/home-depot-gift-cards/