Saturday, August 20, 2011

Green and Frugal: Swap and Save

Here are some great tips from our friends at
Thanks to the frugal and green movements, more consumers are opting to swap their unused items, rather than go through the hassle of a garage sale or the expense of tossing them into the county landfill.  As a result, swap and barter websites have become vastly more popular than in their early days. We found 40 that allow you to trade just about everything, including services and jobs. Before you dive in, though, be sure to consult our checklist for "safer swapping."

For example:
  • Look for feedback on "sellers," much as you would on eBay, and avoid those with negative comments.
  • Some sites require members to register a PayPal account or credit-card number for verification purposes. Look for "https" in the url before providing this information.
For more ideas, check out 40 Website Where You Can Swap and Save

Where do you like to swap and save?
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