Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Best Frugal is Free

If you can get it for free, why wouldn't you? That's exactly what my husband and I were thinking when we found out that you can get free wood chips from the electric company. When the electric company trims trees around their electrical lines, they have to do something with the wood chips. Normally, they'll just throw them away at the local dumps. However, if they're doing work in your neighborhood, you can ask them to dump the chips in a pile on your property.

The first time, we thought it was too good to be true. We've since received two more piles of wood chips. While it's not the best batch since there are leaves, branches and other debris, it's perfect for putting around trees or any other items set away from your house. Since the wood chips aren't treated, they could potentially have bugs so it's best to use them appropriately (away from your home or other structures).

It's amazing how far three giant piles of wood chips lasts. While it takes awhile to spread, it looks so nice once it's done.

What are some unexpected items that you've gotten for free?

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