Sunday, August 8, 2010

Green and Frugal: Repair Broken Electronics Vs. Throwing Them Out

Electronics are often ignored for the amount of energy they require and the amount of waste they leave behind. There has been an influx of repair services that could ultimately play a big role in reversing some of our collective habits. Specifically, electronics repairs for popular smartphones like the iPhone, computers and gaming consoles. If you live in or around a city, you are likely driving or walking distance to one.

With cell phones, people get great deals when they sign up for a coverage plan and in return the phone is affordable. The problem is, these phones are very vulnerable to breaking. The new iPhone breaks in a strong wind, it's been reported (presumably). A broken LCD screen can cost as much as a new phone with an extended plan discount.

The quality of repairs can vary from one place to the next. If you see a place charging $20 more ask them why. Ask the less expensive store the same question. Generally speaking you get what you pay for but local shops can offer great deals. Plus with walk-ins, you can get it repaired in as little has 10 minutes for broken screens. Mail-in orders are a great option too, especially for those of us who have been trained by Netflix to really enjoy the process again.

This all reflects the evolving trash awareness that is inescapable. The good thing is old electronics are worth money. People are realizing this with DIY repair resources and technology readily available to everyone. It is possibly one of the good things that has come out of the 'frugal' stranglehold from the economic downturn; people are figuring out that with just a little bit of know-how they can repair their electronics, and extend the life of their favorite toys. And if they don't want to bother, these services that offer repair solutions will be more than glad to take it off your hands.

Guest post by Repair Launch - Save Responsibly

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