Saturday, June 26, 2010

Green and Frugal: Connect by Hertz Car Sharing Comes to Hoboken, NJ

Car sharing is a great way to be green and frugal because it limits the number of cars on the road and you use -- and pay -- a car only when you need it.

Connect by Hertz global car sharing club, announced it's added Hoboken, NJ to its list of more than 200 U.S. and international locations that provide members an economical, convenient and socially conscious alternative to car ownership. The expansion also marks the country's first citywide public-private partnership between a municipality and a car sharing company, as Connect by Hertz was selected as the exclusive supplier for Hoboken's Corner Cars program.

The Corner Cars program is designed to provide Hoboken residents the convenience of having access to both a car and a reserved parking space in their neighborhood. For the first phase of the roll out, Connect by Hertz will place 40 vehicles, including Smart Cars, Toyota Prius, Volvo C30, and the MINI Cooper, in 20 different Corner Car locations spread across the city. As the program expands, cars will continue to be placed in additional areas, with the goal of serving 100 percent of the community, improving convenience and removing even more cars from the street.

Through June 2012, Connect by Hertz is offering 2 years of membership for free ($25 application fee applies) and is providing a $75 driving credit when using the code: Hoboken at time of enrollment. Residents who surrender a Hoboken parking permit at the Hoboken Parking Utility will be provided with a special promotion code for a $100 driving credit in addition to the free membership (the two offers cannot be combined). Connect Membership also includes insurance, fuel, roadside assistance, maintenance and cleaning. Once enrolled, members receive a smart chip enabled Connect Card, which gives them 24/7 keyless entry to any car in the fleet that they reserve. Members also have the option to reserve and use vehicles in other Connect by Hertz locations, including nearby New York City and Park Ridge, NJ as well as Connect's international locations.

Since its launch in December 2008, Connect by Hertz has formed successful partnerships with a number of companies, organizations and universities around the world including Marriott International, USAA, Ohio State University, Pepperdine University and University of North Carolina. For more information, visit

Have you tried car sharing? What did you think?

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