Sunday, May 23, 2010

Product Review: Marcal Small Steps Paper Products

I've always been intrigued by Marcal's Small Steps products since they are recycled and environmentally conscious. So I was more than happy to review a variety of their paper products recently when they sent me some samples.

Right off the bat, I begin to read their packaging. I'm immediately impressed that their wrapper is recyclable (and they encourage you to recycle it). Marcal Small Steps products are made from paper, not trees. In face, they note if you "change just one regular roll to a Small Steps roll by Marcal, you could help save one million trees." Pretty impressive.

Plus, the products are hypoallergenic, virtually lint free and whitened without chlorine bleaching.

Paper Towels
First, I love any paper towel that lets you pick the size. Marcal calls it "U-SIZE-IT" and touts that it saves towels for less waste. The paper towels don't feel as soft or thick as other paper towels I've used (I usually buy whatever is on sale or whatever is cheapest. No brand loyalty here.) But these paper towels get the job done, from wiping up small spills to drying my hands after washing.

I have to say that the tissues aren't as soft as some other brands (and you really need a soft tissue when you're wiping your nose). However, in terms of sturdiness, they're pretty good. I w

Toilet Paper
Now my husband and I constantly debate over toilet paper. He likes to buy what's on sale. I like some middle ground between the cheapest and the most expensive (i.e., something a little soft and somewhat thick). The Marcal recycled toilet paper is really thin, so you feel compelled to use more than normal. Anyway, a personal choice, but I prefer toilet paper with a little more substance.

Love the napkins -- they're sturdy, absorbent and soft. I would definitely use these again. I was nervous that they would easily fall apart, but that wasn't the case at all.

Dinner Napkins
I'm saving the dinner napkin for a special occasion (i.e., when we have guests). They're really nice and thick, so I don't want my kids using them for their messes.
I'm definitely sold on the Marcal's Small Steps paper products. They're reasonably priced. I always seem to find a coupon and it makes you feel good to know that you're using recycled items. Keeping it green and frugal!

Have you used Marcal Small Steps? What do you think?

Disclaimer: Marcal provided me with these free paper products in order to review them.

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