Friday, November 11, 2011

A Green and Frugal Way to Bring Back Memories

Have you ever noticed how powerful scents can be? They can relax, inspire or transport us back to another time and place. Best of all, the scents and smells of nature don't cost a dime and have no impact on the environment, making it a green and frugal way to take a stroll down memory lane.

Fresh-cut Grass
Aside from the allergy-prone, who doesn't love that first dose of fresh-cut grass on a sunny spring day? For me, it takes me back to high school when I used to play field hockey. During our Saturday morning practice, you could smell the cut grass of the field we would play on. To this day, I still find that scent invigorating. It makes me want to pick up a field hockey stick and run!

Ocean Air
Being a Jersey girl, it's not unusual to take a day trip to the shore. You know you've arrived, when you roll down your window and take a deep inhale of that ocean air. There's no smell like it in the world. It reminds me of days at the beach with my my husband when he was a lifeguard...and my wedding day since we were married at the shore and had our wedding photos on the beach. Regardless of the emotion, it always evokes incredibly happy memories. That's probably why going to the shore is one of my favorite places to go -- and one of my favorite scents!

Pine Trees
Mind you, I'm not talking about the car deodorizer pine scent. When I smell fresh pine trees, it reminds me of Christmas and all the December festivities. It makes me want to decorate a tree and start wrapping presents. The smell of pine trees is so natural and makes me want to get rid of our artificial Christmas tree and chop down a pine!

When I get a whiff of eucalyptus, I immediately want a massage. This scent is so often used in spas and by massage therapists that just the scent of it can put me at ease. It's invigorating and calming all at the same time. Whenever I'm given aromatherapy options during a spa visit, I always opt for eucalyptus. It's my calming scent of choice!

Scents are so incredibly powerful in how they can transport us to a different place and time. It's no wonder they can be used therapeutically to relax, calm and energize your spirits.

What scents bring back memories for you? What is your favorite smell and what does it remind you of?
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