Thursday, October 27, 2011

Go Green: Buy a Used Car

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy a used car:
  1. Buying a used car puts less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
  2. You can avoid the debt of a new car and save some money.
  3. Get something fuel efficient, there are a lot of used cars with 30+ mpg, and more than a few that reach into the 40's.
Now you have an exciting new resource to purchase a used car -- Hertz Rent2Buy! Many used car dealerships buy their cars from auctions, which is how rental car companies get rid of their cars. Hertz Rent2Buy cuts out the middle man and sells directly to consumers, enabling you to save 15-20% versus what you would pay a car dealership.

Best of all, Hertz is giving my readers an incentive to purchase a used car by offering $100 off the purchase of some of their barely used cars for sale. is an innovative way to check out used cars and prices. Be sure to see the wide variety of high quality cars and amazing deals. To receive $100 off, use promo code R2B-CSU.

Start Shopping Now!

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  1. Used cars are great because they don't depreciate in value and as a result you get to save lots of money.

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  2. I just recently bought a used Ford in McAllen TX and I love it. By doing this, it really helped me out money wise as I don't have the debt. Your tips are great for others who are thinking about buying used.

  3. Its okay to buy used car as long as it parts are in good condition and it did not go thru car accidents before.

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  4. Hertz 2 Rent sounds like a great way to buy a used car. The main advantage of used cars is lack of depreciation.

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  5. Its good to have an used car in condition. It will come under budget and thus can save the money. For the people who are going to buy the car first time, they should clean their driving hand on used car.
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  6. You can definitely save a lot of money by buying a used car that is efficient. You'll end up saving more at the gas pump.

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  7. Used cars are better to buy than new car. Why? Because used cars are affordable, economical and if you are buying from Japanese auctions you can buy auctioned used cars.

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  9. In buying used cars you must do all the research, compare dealerships, and be aware of the car's market value. Be a wise used-car buyer, get help from a very reliable sources even though used car dealers provide a warranty it is only limited to a couple of months and .Certain maintenance on your purchased used car could be more expensive.

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  10. This website talks about the hertz rent2buy company which provides the most modern and easy way to buy a used car. The high quality car which looks so awesome, that you can't even be able to differentiate between an old and a new one, here most importantly it will save your money.

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  11. I do not understand what are you trying to saying Green nature to buy used car. I mean used car are best option but what is the connection between used car with green nature?