Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Frugal Tip Tuesday: Plan Ahead

If you want to be successful at anything, a little planning is always required. Being green and frugal is no different.
Photo Courtesy Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey

This weekend, the hubby and I took the kids to the Ringling Bros. Circus. How could I resist when I got $20 tickets? Following our Disney on Ice visit to the Rutherford, NJ Izod Center, I made sure to feed the kids a big breakfast and promised them a very fun lunch at Sonic after the circus. (Okay, my husband and I are the ones who really love Sonic and the one in Rutherford is the only one remotely near us. And that's still a 20-mile ride.)

I mentally prepared both kids for all of the toys, candy, food, light-up made-in-China gadgets, programs, balloons, pennant and every other ridiculous object that was for sale. To make matters worse, the vending stands were located every couple of feet. It was ridiculous!!!!

Once we were seated, I desperately needed another cup of coffee and my husband wanted a Powerade. "Great, he could share his drink with the kids," I thought to myself. $8 later, we had one small Powerade and one medium Dunkin Donuts coffee. For $8, I could have bought a pound of ground Dunkin Donuts coffee and made coffees for the next month. I also could buy an entire case of Powerade.

Frugal tip: plan ahead. I should have thought to bring two bottles of water with me and some snacks just in case. Since both kids are out of diapers and don't use bottles, I like to travel light. But it would've saved me $8 in the long run. Don't get me started on the $15 parking fee...

Any tips you'd like to share on how you plan ahead to save money or be more green? I'd love to hear them (and add them to my arsenal)!

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