Friday, February 13, 2009

Review: Simply Face & Body Spa

Okay, so a trip to a new neighborhood spa may seem neither green nor frugal. But, alas, a full-time working mom needs to splurge on a massage every now and then. Plus, I couldn't resist the promotion for any first-time customer -- a one hour massage for $49! If you can find a massage for less than $1 per minute, you've found a bargain.

Simply Face & Body is a new brand division of Red Door Spa Holdings. Their goal is to present spa offerings, products and expertly-trained spa profesions at convenient locations. They mainly offer facials and massages, as well as various types of waxing (e.g., eyebrows, lip, bikini). The premise is to enroll you in a monthly membership, whereby you would receive one facial or massage per month at a rate of $59 per month. As a member, you can also buy additional services and products at a discounted rate.

Now I like the whole concept. But as an eco-frugal gal, unless I receive this membership as a gift, I don't really see it happening for me. (Although I made sure to mention this gift concept to my husband.) But I digress.

After one of the most amazing massages I've ever had, I'm delighted to find out that as one of the first 200 customers, I get a free goodie bag. Score! Not only do I get a discounted massage, I get $29 worth of green products. I received a facial toner, moisturizer and eye cream, all of which are made with certified organic materials. Here's where the green aspect comes in.

Juice Beauty, The Organic Solution -- Hydrating Mist/Toner
While the toner felt great and made my skin tingle, I just couldn't get past the smell. It smelled like my grandma...and not in a good way. But I'm not one to waste free products. I find that my feet enjoy the hydrating mist just as much as my face.

Juice Beauty, The Organic Solution -- Oil-free Moisturizer
I'm all about moisturizer and use it constantly. I found that this lotion took awhile to absorb, and once again, the smell was not great. I like moisturizers to smell incredible, invigorating or calming. I thought as an organic brand, this would smell "green" (whatever "green" smells like). But it left a little more to be desired.

Originitalia -- Villa Floriani - Brightening Eye Repair Cream
A thick rich cream that actually came with a little plastic piece to scoop out the product, this was probably my favorite product of the three. Coincidentally, it was not from the Juice Beauty line, but from a company called Originitalia. It's packaged beautifully, comes unscented and gets the job done. What more can you ask from your free beauty products?

Bottomline: While I'm always tickled pink to get something for free, it's highly unlikely that I would go back and purchase any of these items. I think it's fabulous that Simply Face & Body has partnered with Juice Beauty to offer green products. That said, I'm still contemplating a Simply Face & Body membership. Now I just need to find a $59-a-month savings to justify it!

Have an idea for another green product or business for me to review? Let me know and I'll check it out.