Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Having Kids & Going Green – It Can Be Done

I love learning about different ways to go green and to save money. When I had my two children, who are now four and two, I was very interested to see how families can stay environmentally friendly while keeping money in their wallets. Here are some of the ways that I do it:

Cut the Juice
I don’t mean cut the juice out completely, I mean cut it in half. We buy 100% juice whenever possible in the large, plastic jugs, which are good for recycling. Then, we pour half of the juice into another large container and fill both half-filled juice containers with water. This doubles the juice, saving you money, and ensures your kids don’t get as much sugar (even if it is fruit sugar).

Buy Secondhand Whenever Possible
If you’re frugal, then you love a good garage sale. For my family, garage sales are a weekly ritual. We’ve bought toys, clothes, appliances – you name it. It’s saved us tons of money. In addition, we are also regular shoppers of and Both offer great deals on a variety of items.

Have a Garage Sale or Swap Items with Friends
I know once my children grow out of their clothes or toys, I’m dying to get rid of them. The best way is to hold a garage sale, where you can make some money. Or, ask your family and friends if they need the clothes or toys. You’ll also find that people will ask you if you need toys or clothes for your own children. Always say yes! You never know what you’ll end up needing. Plus, you can always donate items to charity if you end up not using them.

The best way to go green as a family is to teach your children what it means. Get them involved in recycling, gardening and being energy-efficient. It’s the best way to ensure they care for their environment…and learn the meaning of a dollar!

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